The Book of Horror The Anatomy of Fear in Film by Matt Glasby

With this book, Matt Glasby has given horror fans the ultimate list of the scariest movies of all time; the movies that keep scaring us no matter how many times we see them. From Psycho (1960) to It Chapter Two (2019), he covers all the best movies that keep us jumping. Each chapter delves deep into one movie and includes related viewing. Beautifully illustrated by Barney Bodoano, this book is a must have for any true horror fan.

All For The Horror

I have been a horror fan since the age of 5. I remember laying on the living room floor, glued to the television. While my mom was doing her housework, I was getting lost in Dark Shadows. For that half hour every weekday, I lived in Collinwood. At the age of 5, Barnabas Collins was my babysitter.

I graduated to the classics; Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney,Jr.. They were all great, and still are. Yes, I have loved horror for as long as I can remember. That feeling of being on the edge of your seat, not knowing what’s coming next, and even the jump scare. It all comes together to create one of the most memorable experiences you can ever have. Be it in a book or on the screen, horror stories are incredible.


by Jim Graves

He didn’t know what the problem was. He had washed his hands for the third time and it was still there. Why wouldn’t the blood go away? He had never had this problem before.

The guy had begged. They all beg. ‘Please don’t kill me?’ They start praying to a God they have never acknowledged in their entire lives until the moment they are faced with their own demise, hoping He will hear them and send down some divine intervention. He never does. They all die.

He washed his hands again. Still there. “Why want it go away?” He stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror.

The man had cried at the end, ‘Please, don’t do this? I’ll give you money.’ He had been offered money before. Did they not understand he’s already getting paid? But still, the man had cried and begged. It wears on you.

He washed again, scrubbing with the wire brush. Why were the stains still there? The floor beneath him was covered in blood. He couldn’t remember how many people he had killed.

He put the barrel of the pistol in his mouth and squeezed the trigger.