Richard Chizmar is Chasing The Boogeyman

In his novel, Chasing The Boogeyman, Richard Chizmar is the main character. The book is fiction, superbly written as true crime. The setting and Chizmar’s life events in the story are real, but the rest of the story comes from the imagination of a great writer.

I became so involved with the story I had to keep reminding myself that it was fiction. The book follows the hunt for a masked murderer, known as the Boogeyman. With rich detail to the area (Chizmar’s hometown of Edgewood, Maryland) and the nostalgia of the ’80’s, the reader is transported back to a more innocent time only to be reminded that innocence can sometimes be stolen.

As mentioned above, the book is written in the true crime format. And with plenty of “crime scene” photos to set the mood, this novel is the work of a master storyteller.

With Chasing The Boogeyman, Richard Chizmar gives us all we want and more.

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